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The runaway hit children's book of 2023

Children's Book How To Tickle A Robot Cove

Our Story

Hi! My name is Jason Ziemianski. I live in Los Angeles with my two sons Van the man (6 yrs old) and Ty the guy (3 yrs old). We enjoy singing songs, dancing crazy, making up silly jokes, going to the beach and climbing anything we can find. We were inspired to write How To Tickle A Robot after receiving one too many children's books that had no lesson to teach. I mean, how many times can you say goodnight to an iPhone? Or, how many dragons are really going to come to your house to eat tacos? We thought what better lesson to teach than the time-tested truth of love conquers all? Hugs run amuck in our home and we think that's a pretty great thing to share. We hope reading this book brings you and your family the same joy of togetherness and fun that we had writing it and reading it to this day.

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This is the best children's book that has ever been written and that's a fact.


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